Our Story

Our purpose and commitment are embedded in our name. Shanduko, a Shona word loosely translated to mean the shift or wind of change if you’re grandiose, describes the heart of our young and agile founders who have never been fans of “business as usual.”

When we started, we embarked on a bold and audacious mission to bring in a fresh approach to the garment manufacturing industry. Having sewn hundreds of thousands of pieces and counting; what was thought to be naivety, has become an inspiration and a standard. We’ve literally experienced everything and have worked on every possible style & fit. Our success story lies in our ability to adapt quickly to the changing fashion trends and creating new ones. By understanding your story, your tastes and purpose, we supply all types of woven and knit garments with different washes, embroideries and surface treatment. We take pride in our highly efficient production system and service delivery, serving you the highest quality at the right time and for the right price.


To become the most favorable and sustainable producer of apparel in Africa’s garment manufacturing industry